Can someone just come out and say this? What the fuck is the risk in being a counterculture hero for the white male? What’s the big deal about being on the Keroacian road? These dudes get to play around with self-imposed marginalization all they want, with little consequence. They still get laid (are more likely to get laid), they still can ultimately get married, get a job, have kids etc, which is, like, the countercultural worst case scenario. Best case scenario, and certainly what these so-called rebels have in mind when they hit the streets in their skinny jeans clutching a J.D. Salinger novel, is that they will be immortalized as heroes—gods– of the countercultural revolution. There’s no risk, therefore there is no courage.

It’s not sexy for a woman to have an existential crisis. If she goes on the road, she is basically putting her life on the line. Her sexual viability may persist, but she’s transformed into a loathed “slut” (no actual sexual behavior necessary to earn the title), her long-term desirability is thus compromised. If she rebels against the confines of mass-cultural beauty (and I don’t mean growing side-bangs and wearing torn jeans), the countercultural male rebel isn’t attracted to her anymore. If she spends all her time reading and writing poetry and making art and being dedicated to a cause, she is compromising the possibility of marriage, family and happiness.

For the man, rebellion is a day job. For the woman, she must give all.

eu adoro esse blogue.


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